Australian New Pop #2: Banoffee & Nicole Millar

Yeah, we are still looking for someone who can become the new Australian pop star and we have two fresh candidates. This time the sound is probably more alternative and concentrated rather on chill and downtempo beats but the music is equally interesting and the vocals are again very intriguing.

Let us start with a Melbourne-based Martha Brown who plays in the bands Otouto and Dreaming & Delicious but for her solo project uses a name Banoffee. Her debut track is called Ninja and it is a cute and peaceful song presenting Martha’s sweet voice and a relaxing synth beat. More music from this talented girl will be most likely released in the next few months.

The second artist comes from the other Australian metropolis – Sydney – and her name is Nicole Millar. She has published her second ever song Fall just this week but her amazing voice could be already heard before on the releases from Sun Glitters or Cosmo’s Midnight. The new track is actually also the effect of collaboration as it has been produced by the British duo Crvvcks.


And just a short info connected to the first entry in this thread. Bossy Love’s debut EP has been finally released! Get it here.

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