Yöri – Indigo

We were writing about Yöri‘s debut EP Capsule few months ago with a belief that her origin is purely Icelandic but it turns out that she is also of Lithuanian descent. For me, this fact adds to her music some FeverRay-ish mystery due to the beauty and atmosphere of wonderful Lithuanian forests which cover one third of the country. And if we mix the mood of Karin Dreijer’s songs with the earlier comparisons to Björk, we should get nothing less than a masterpiece. Indigo, a brand new single from Yöri, definitely belongs to this category with the artist’s swanlike vocal being amazingly supported by a relaxing trip hop beat which creates a perfect dreamy song.

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One thought on “Yöri – Indigo

  1. Kidaudra says:

    Wow! She has such Vocal Skill! I love her! Thanks for posting!

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