The Dumplings – Freeze

Freeze kicks off with an interesting electronic beat combined with chiptune sounds but just when you begin wondering whether this is another band trying in some way to imitate Crystal Castles, the vocal starts and you realize that The Dumplings are something completely different. The voice is sweet and deep rather than harsh which makes the track a lovely electronic pop composition and not a kitsch copy of someone else’s style.

It is getting even better while looking for the information about the band. It turns out that The Dumplings consists of two teenagers: Justyna Święs (16) and Jakub Karaś (17) from Zabrze, a city situated in the industrial part of Poland called Silesia, but what has struck me the most is the amount of music they have already recorded. Their SoundCloud account is full of ready tracks with diverse sound and climate which quite surprisingly makes the duo ready to release the debut album! And when that happens, The Dumplings will go really far.

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2 thoughts on “The Dumplings – Freeze

  1. Ana says:

    They’re incredible and so young! I think that their future will be awsome as they are. 🙂

  2. Martin says:

    they’re just amazing! i love their music ❤

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