Australian New Pop: Fingertips & Bossy Love

Australian pop scene is probably getting a bit tired of Kylie Minogue being the brightest star but there are two young rising artists who can replace the diva with the fresh and modern sound worth the second decade of the 21st century.

The first one is Fingertips (stylized F!NGERT!P$) whose real name is Claire Knight and who has successfully started her career as a DJ which gave her the opportunity to share the stage with Vampire Weekend, Mystery Jets or Ladyhawke and also… tour the world with Rihanna! She also qualified to the final of the global EMI’s contest She Can DJ and performed at the stages all around the world, including prestigious sets in London, Tokyo and Paris.

Claire chose to spent her last summer in New York where she prepared and recorded the debut EP called NYC with Dan Walker of The Death Set. So far only one song – Strung Out – has been published but this is the kind of track that will easily get you hooked on. The vocal, the beat – everything is perfect.

The second girl is Amandah Wilkinson who performs under the name Bossy Love. She used to be a part of the band Operator Please but now concentrates on her solo project. Her sound is rather different than Claire Knight’s but there is one similarity – Amandah has also her debut EP ready and has already made available one song too. It is called Wind Me Up and will be featured on Me + You which is planned to be released on the 21st of October.

Will they make it to the top? Both artists have huge potential so everything’s in their hands. We will keep our fingers crossed!

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