The Orb & Lee Scratch Perry – Fussball

This is probably one of those big collaborations that goes without much media attention as the musicians involved in the project are concentrated on the pleasure and inspiration that could be derived from spending time together with other like-minded artists and recording music with them rather than on all promotional stuff. Well, we are talking about real legends indeed – electronic innovators from The Orb and a dub-pioneer Lee Perry.

A track Fussball comes from an album called More Tales From The Orbservatory which is a follow-up to their last year’s The Orbserver in the Star House. It is a charming mix of reggae and dub with electronic beat provided by The Orb.

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One thought on “The Orb & Lee Scratch Perry – Fussball

  1. eddylacey says:

    This is big. I have listened to a few tracks off the last album and to be honest wasn’t as impressed as i thought I would be. Listening to this tune has made me think I should give it another chance however- any track suggestions?

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