Married in Berdichev – Tree Tethered

Married in Berdichev may sound as a title of a boring Russian romance but it is actually a musical alias of Brittany Gould which has been taken from Chekhov’s play called Three Sisters. But first things first.

Gould was born in Washington, D.C. and her life has been full of changes. She was a fan of punk/ska bands during her teenage years, later became a cheerleader and then went on to study molecular biology, chemistry and… Russian literature (hence the name of the project). All of this did not really work out so she ended up working for Urban Outfitters. And making music with the dance-punk band called Mannequin Makeout which she created with her fellow students.

Brittany went solo in 2006. The idea was to use only her own voice and a looping pedal (Holly Herndon anyone?) and it worked out very well. It is 2013 now and Married in Berdichev releases another magnificent song – Tree Tethered. Let’s hope that there is a full length album coming!

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