German love stories

1. Dapayk & Padberg

One of the best German DJs and one of the world top models. Seems like a perfect couple and indeed it is. Especially when it comes to music.

Dapayk (Niklas Worgt) is very experienced German producer who have been recording under many names. Eva Padberg is German fashion model, once voted Sexiest Woman of the World, but fortunately she possesses also music talent. They met in the 90s but their first album as Dapayk & Padberg – called Close Up – was out in 2005. Until this year they have only released Black Beauty (2007) but in February we could finally listen to something new – their Sweet Nothings saw the light of the day. It features magnificent tracks which can be used for many purposes – from chilling out to partying. It is your choice!

Fluffy Cloud is one of those dance tracks. It is over 8 minutes of pure sound of Berlin’s night.

2. Saschienne   

Sascha Funke – one of the most popular DJs from the German minimal scene (actually, he was mentioned in the very first post here, but who would remember that?). Julienne Dessange – vocalist, multinstrumentalist and… Sascha’s girlfriend. Together – intriguing sound of the electronic music of 21st century.

They have quite a different story of their collaboration. Or, in fact, have no story at all as they have just started their project. Their first album (Unknown) was released as recently as March this year. The only thing you can do with it is fall in love.

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