Akua Naru – The Journey Aflame

It seems that now is the perfect time for so called FeMC‘s (female MC’s). Azealia Banks (I hope everyone is familiar with her stunning single ‘212‘?) finished third at BBC Sound of 2012 and we are all waiting for her debut album – Broke with Expensive Taste. And there are still many on the scene – Dominique Young Unique who is going to perform at many festivals all over the world (including legendary Roskilde Festival) this year, Lady Leshurr who is featured in one of the songs on the newly released Orbital’s album (and who looks – in some pictures – suspiciously like the naked woman from the popular weird photo of Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire) or Rye Rye whose album was supposed to be released three years ago but – hopefully – will be out this year (and probably it will be worth waiting for as her tracks are produced by… M.I.A. and Pharrell Williams!).  Music made by the mentioned above ladies is described as hip-hop but this is definitely the ‘new’ hip-hop, mixed with huge amounts of electronic accents.

However, there is still a chance for lovers of good, old hip-hop as this longish first paragraph was leading us in completely wrong direction – at least as far as Akua Naru and her music are concerned. Compared to Banks she seems to come from ancient music times but that is exactly why her album will satisfy all those who are looking for some classic hip-hop sounds. The album – called The Journey Aflame – was released in late 2011 and was co-produced by some finest names in German hip-hop (including Jr & Ph7, 7inch). You may wonder why German producers collaborate with American artist and the answer is very simple – Akua lives and creates in Cologne, in the west of Germany. Is this the reason why she has gone in the other direction than other young FeMC’s? We may never know but I can assure you that The Journey Aflame is worth giving a chance. You will find out that her creations are not distinct from the legendary albums of American hip-hop groups from the 80’s and 90’s.

Choosing one song to present was very hard so do not hesitate to try out all of them!

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