The/Das – Parallel Worlds

The break-up of Bodi Bill was for me one of the most devastating information of the last few years but soon enough it turned out that two thirds of the band still continue the tradition of this amazingly composed pop under the name The/Das. After excellent EP Speak Your Mind Speak released in 2013, the appetite for new tracks just got bigger and fortunately the news we were all waiting for has been just announced – band’s full length album will appear this year. Its name will be Freezer and it is set to be released via the never-failing Sinnbus Records. And yes, we have a chance to listen to the first single – a song called Parallel Worlds.

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Mean Seed Records – Colours #1 EP

We did feature an act from Finland once on OSOM but actually we have never had a chance to take a closer look at the local scene. Fortunately, a ready guide through the country’s finest beats has just appeared in the form of a compilation called Colours which has been created by Mean Seed Records. No matter if it is a housey taste of Stene’s Low & Broken, catchy vocal samples on Oukawamine’s Pressure, techno sound in Dullatron’s Interloper or a heavy bass from Totrox’ When I, we are privileged to listen to the excellent tracks from the heart of icy Finland in just one release.


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Presenting: lishuen

Li Shuen (using simply lishuen as her moniker) is yet another talented artist from the amazing Singaporean music scene. Being just eighteen years old, she has already started producing music in 2012 which resulted in releasing a conceptual mini-album called A Respected Member of Society. It perfectly defines her primary style – experimental compositions based on piano and filled with moody vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Her more recent sound, however, has shifted towards the electronic music. Li’s latest tracks are magnificent dream pop/downtempo songs which still perfectly matches her voice and piano accents. Have a listen below and get ready to fall in love with this delicate music!

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Klypp – Manifest EP

I would never expect to bump into the band sounding like they could become the next Rhye in such a distant country – namely India. But the truth is, a Bangalore-based duo Klypp does sound impressive. It is composed of ex Bicycle Days’ frontman Karthik Basker (the band has gone on hiatus in January) and local producer Faheem Hasan who used to be a guitarist in a prog metal band (did not see that coming, huh?). They met at a workshop a while ago but have been making music together only since last December. The effect of this collaboration is a wonderful debut EP called Manifest which is going to be followed by Klypp’s first ever live performances and – hopefully – the release of some new material in the near future.

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Presenting: Ashnikko

Ashnikko is a musical moniker of Ashton Casey, a girl from North Carolina who is just eighteen years old but already raps like a pro. She is currently honing her craft in Riga, Latvia (pretty unobvious place to move to from the USA, isn’t it?) and if her extreme talent will keep on evolving, this cute hip-hop-beast will achieve a lot.

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