Argy & Mama – Dominonation

Although Dominonation is a first ever album by Argy & Mama, both members of this thrilling duo are far away from being newcomers to the music industry. A male part of the band is Argyris Theofilis, a Greek DJ and producer who, after moving to London in 2004, debuted with an EP exactly ten years ago and since then has risen to international fame with his releases being published by worthy labels like Cocoon or Permanent Vacation. His partner in crime is Simone Ogunbunmi, UK-native artist who is not just a vocalist but has also produced several tracks for the album. She happens to be mates with Kele Okereke and was opening for him during one of the tours. As Mama she has also contributed vocals for compositions from Tiefschwarz, Munk, Catz ‘n Dogz and more.

The pair met in Berlin and decided to join forces. The effects can be heard on Dominonation which has been released just last week on prestigious BPitch Control label. It is a collection of eleven tracks presenting different approaches at house music but all of them are at the highest possible level of quality which makes this album a truly enjoyable listen.

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Radial – Inverso Mundi EP

Being a long-time member of an underground collective Strictly Techno back in the ’90s, Bas Mooy was one of the pioneers of the Dutch techno scene. Later on, this experienced DJ marked the beginning of the new century with an establishment of the prominent label Audio Assault in 2002 together with his friend Jeroen Liebregts, another notable producer from the Netherlands who is performing under the name Radial.  The newest project of Mooy – namely Mord Records – seems to be his solo effort but it was none other’s than Radial’s Linea Recta EP to be the first release of this Rotterdam-based label. It is clearly visible then that the partnership of these two continues to be solid therefore there is no surprise in the fact that Mord opens its catalogue for 2015 with a brand new – and fantastic for that matter – Inverso Mundi EP created by Liebregts.

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Oxford Drama – Fluctuations EP

When I wrote about Oxford Drama in May last year, it was obvious that this duo has the potential to reach a broader audience with their charming sound. And although this process may not have been happening as rapidly for them as in the case of The Dumplings, a fellow Polish wonderkids band, the pair did start to tour the country, support notable artists (Trust or Taylor McFerrin) and appear on the national radio stations. The fact that their fanbase has not been increased by tens of thousands of people has actually turned out to be a blessing as it allowed the intimacy in their music to remain untouched.

Now Gosia Dryjanska and Marcin Mrowka are back with a new EP called Fluctuations which is their first ever official release. It is out digitally on Brennnessel Records and bearing in mind that this label has been founded by the members of Kamp! and it gathers the most outstanding electronic music artists from Poland, this is exactly the place where they should be.

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saw u – Tactual Patterns

It takes you fifteen minutes to get to school, work or university and you do not know how to make use of this time? Here comes a ready solution – put on your best headphones and let Tactual Patterns change the commute nightmare into exciting journey to the land of techno.

The author of this captivating composition is Ross Dekker, an American artist who – besides publishing music under the moniker saw u - is also engaged in creating sound background for audiovisual projects. It is due to this latter activity that he moved to Berlin in 2013 as he was invited there by the temporary video art gallery Black Janice for the two-month residency. The musician lives in the capital of Germany until this day although initially he did not intend to stay there any longer. And who knows – maybe Ross Dekker would not be able to create such monumental raw techno track if it was not for the inspiration coming from the vibrant Berlin techno scene?

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Top 100 tracks of 2014

It’s high time for our annual list of the best tracks of the year. There are two remixes, two new versions of previously released tracks and one cover among those 100 hits. A bit more artists than usually are featured more than once but none of them has three songs on the list (like Orbital had two years ago). If you want to check out the previous charts, just click ‘the best of osom’ above.

Happy 2015.

100. BANKS – Beggin’ For Thread

99. DAMON ALBARN – Heavy Seas Of Love

98. QT – Hey QT

97. PHARRELL – Hunter

96. ANJA SCHNEIDER – Can You Feel It (feat. Parsifal Marin)

95. DIAMOND VERSION – Were You There (feat. Neil Tennant)

94. LÜTHIAN – Soon

93. SINCE YOU – Lela Bells (feat. Ava Trilling)

92. JOE GODDARD – Endless Love (feat. Betsy)

91. 18+ – Crow

90. CHET FAKER – 1998

89. MIKROBIT – Berlin

88.  PAUL KALKBRENNER – Kruppzeug (Fritz Kalkbrenner Remix)

87. GHOST CAPSULES – Nocturn

86. CLEAN BANDIT – Mozart’s House (feat. Love Ssega)

85. GOLDEN FEATURES – Tell Me (feat. Nicole Millar)

84. CARIBOU – Can’t Do Without You

83.  HELFER – Now That You Came

82. MAS YSA – Why

81. BONAPARTE – Into The Wild

80. HTRK – Love Is Distraction

79. POLO & PAN – Coeur d’artichaut

78. KLYPP – Be

77. HUGH – Look Back In Laughter



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